Photography : Samon Smith

Makeup: Aleta Myles


Hair: Majesty G.

Recorded /Mixed at Cathy-Jo studios (Nashville)/Will Houchins.

Mastered by: Tone and Volume
Dan Shike​


Shooby Doop Christmas

Performed by Marcus & Monika

Moorage Music (Nashville) 


Monika Bourgeois /Bougies Music Group Publishing BMI

Executive Producer :Marcus Terry

​Lead Sax: Marcus Terry
Vocals: Monika Bourgeois


Nashvilles own "Dynamo" lent their solid  unmatched chemistry to the

Big-Band production of Shooby-Doop Christmas.

Band Members include:

Kevin Gift Jr ( Bass/ Pre-production)

​Kevin Gatzke (Saxaphone)

​Ryan Connors (Piano)

​Nate Felty (Drums)

​J.J. Murphy (Guitar)

Charles Ray (Trumpet)

Special Thanks to:

Tony Jones-Pre-production

(Huntsville, AL)

(thank you for suffering through vocal are a trooper)​​


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marcus & monika


You'd be surprised that after 20 years of combined work in the music business, this is Marcus & Monika's first studio release together.

In their defense, they were concerned they would kill each other.

Now with all fears aside, they may be having a little too much fun. 

Marcus, a saxophonist and musician to be reckoned with, has been sought out to perform on numerous recordings and with multiple bands throughout his career, including most currently "Everyday People". He is also a professional Network engineer, adding "closet smarty pants" to his resume.

 Monika, an award winning vocalist, songwriter & best selling author, has written for numerous Billboard charting recording artist, written and performed commercial jingles, and her own project " From the mind of a Christian girl." Her book entitled "Coupons are for crazy people" also debuted at #1 in Amazon Kindle. She is also a proud terrible gardener, but she keeps trying, resulting in the death of countless legumes and cold hearty vegetables every year.

The two worked together as music directors in Chicago before their careers called them to Nashville. They have been married for over 15 years and are being raised by their two children, Majesty & Maxwell.